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Pupil Premium

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What is the Pupil Premium?

The pupil premium plays a key role in the way school is funded. River View Primary School is committed to ensuring that this funding is used to support key groups of children to achieve their full potential. All staff are aware of the needs of our children and we ensure that they all have access to an engaging and well-planned learning experience. We recognise and understand that some groups of children require additional support in order to achieve well and our pupil premium funding helps us to do that. We identify key areas and vulnerable groups for further support and ensure that every opportunity to meet children's diverse needs is explored. 

How has this made a difference to our children?

Last year (2015-2016) we received £359,040 in funding. We continued to use this money to ensure that it was spent to support our children to close the gaps. We have continued to embed inititatives (as outlined below) and ensure that children receive quality first teaching from teachers and additional staff. This includes working in smaller group sizes with teachers, key work to target gaps in knowledge in Year 6  and provide additional investment into ensuring the quality of feedback.

End of Key Stage 2 Assessments

  Reading Writing Mathematics Combined GPS Science
Y6 Pupil Premium 28% 54% 41% 26% 46% 54%
All Y6 Pupils 32% 56% 47% 30% 53% 60%

End of Key Stage 1 Assessments

  Reading Writing Mathematics Science
Y2 Pupil Premium 60% 42% 58% 77%
All Y2 Pupils 66% 53% 61% 77%

Phonic Screening Check

  Pupil Premium All Pupils
Year 2 92% 94%
Year 1 92% 93%

Good Level of Development at the end of Reception

  Pupil Premium All Pupils
Reception 58% 62%

Gaps between outcomes for pupils identified as pupil premium and all pupils continue to be narrowed through targeted interventions that reflect the expectations of standardised testing and the increasing demands of the curriculum at the end of each key stage. In 2016-2017, this work will continue using PiXL, Reading interventions, 1 to 1 tuition and group work for precision and pre-teaching.

At the end of each termly assessment cycle, current data is analysed to monitor gaps between the Pupil Premium and the whole cohort using a variety of evidence including standardised tests and teacher assessment.

How are we using the Pupil Premium funding this year? 

This year (2016-2017) we have received £336,900 of Pupil Premium funding with additional funding of £7,075 for our Early Years.

We will be focusing the use of this funding on interventions to support outcomes. The PiXL programme and the use of additional staff to deliver Precision Teaching is key to improving outcomes and staff have access to the addiitonal resources and materials to work with targeted pupils.

How have we continued to use this funding?

We have committed a large proportion of our funding to the development of the Child and Family Support Team. This is made up of 3 key members of staff who work with the children and their families to ensure that we are supporting all children both academically, socially and emotionally. Our team ensure that targeted groups of children have access to a broad and balanced provision:

  • Our Child and Family Development Officer, Mrs Jones, works in partnership with families to help meet their individual needs.
  • Mrs Laughton, our Family Engagement Officer, supports children and staff throughout the school day to ensure that children are nurtured and supported in order to access the curriculum.
  • The team liaise with outside agencies to ensure that families have access to the right support for their child.

At River View, we are have high expectations of the children, both socially and academically. To  achieve this we have invested pupil premium money in a range of projects and initiatives:

  • We have increased the number of teachers in all phases to ensure that children receive a high level of support and teaching to meet their needs. This has reduced class sizes and means that teachers can support their classes to challenge gaps in learning. Teachers at River View ensure that children receive high quality teaching and learning opportunities with their peers. We are committed to ensuring that this is maintained and used effectively so that all children make good progress against their starting points and that children in vulnerable groups are supported well to achieve their full potential in line with other children in school. Quality first teaching, as well as intervention and additional support, is vital to narrowing the gap and this has proven successful year on year. The impact of this level of investment has been significant and we continue to invest in supporting pupil premium children to achieve in line with their peers.
  • Speech and Language Development is continuing through a range of projects, impacting on Early Years (eys) and Key Stage 1. We have employed one Communication Development Worker, Mrs Walters, to deliver targeted programmes from Speech Therapy across the school as well as Miss Verity to support children in early years. For information on developments in our Speech, Language and Communication programmes since opening, please visit our Communcation Development page.
  • One to One tuition for targeted children in Key Stage 2 to identify and target areas of literacy and numeracy where the children need support. This has been delivered by Teaching Assistants, supported by our experienced teaching staff and qualified teachers to address gaps in knowledge.
  • We have invested in the PiXL programme to support pupils in Upper Key Stage 2. This has been a success in order to improve end of year outcomes for targteted pupils who work with trained staff to target key aspects of their learning and prepare them for their next steps in education. Pupils progress is accelerated and supports pupils to reach the required standard for their year group. 

For information on our Sport Premium funding please visit our Sports & PE page.


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