Art and Design teaching at River View Primary School allows children to develop a strong understanding of great artists, crafts makers, designers and architects throughout history whilst acquiring, developing and mastering specific skills and techniques using a range of different media including: drawing, painting, printing, collage and sculpture. 

For every year group, a sequence of ten progressive lessons are planned. Knowledge organisers outline specific details about the great artists, crafts makers, designers, sculptors and architects who will be covered. Alongside this, they detail key vocabulary, skills and subject knowledge covered through our curriculum. 

Our Art and Design curriculum aims to develop the children's natural creativity and enables them to develop and refine their artistic skills progressively as they move through the school. This model allows children to build upon their prior knowledge and skills whilst increasing their enthusiasm for the subject. 

All children are encouraged to experiment, develop, review, revisit and refine ideas through the use of sketchbooks. They are encouraged to draw inspiration from masterpieces and use it to inspire their own creations. Ultimately, enabling them to become more independent and individual as artists: exploring, experimenting and representing themselves through various mediums. Children then showcase their creations in an art gallery held annually. 

The National Curriculum requirements are taught and assessed in each year group.  Our Art and Design progression documents clearly outline previous and subsequent year groups’ content in order to link learning and build on previous knowledge and skills.


We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:  

Low-stake quizzes
The art gallery

We will focus on the children's ability to:

Respond to questions 
Make connections and revise and revisit previous content
Develop skills
Execute techniques with a degree of control
Present artwork using a range of media


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