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School and the local authority work in partnership to support all children and their families. For further information please see the links on the left-hand side of the page.

What does Specialist Provision at River View look like?

River View Primary School hosts two, eight place Language Resources, one in Key Stage 1 and one in Key Stage 2. The children given places here travel in from all over Salford and are aged between 4 and 11 years old. They have a range of speech and language disorders, including difficulties with expressive, receptive, phonology, semantic and pragmatic language.

River View Language Resources provide a specialist, multi sensory learning environment for children with speech and language difficulties. This includes access to new technologies and extensive outdoor facilities which provide opportunities to extend language further.

The children in the resource receive specialist help for their difficulties whilst having the opportunity to integrate into mainstream classes.

River View also hosts a ten place ASC Provision for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This is led by a specialist teacher and teaching assistant who provide a curriculum that is specific to each child in the unit. This is a specialist provision for children in early years and key stage one. Children have the opportunity to integrate into some aspects of learning in the mainstream school with support.


The children in the Language Resource receive intensive teaching from experienced staff as well as speech and language therapy whilst still being part of a mainstream primary school. Each resource is staffed by one full time teacher and one or two  full time Teaching Assistants. Children also receive regular Speech and Language therapy by a speech and language therapist who delivers further specialist support as detailed in the child’s Education, Health Care Plan (EHCP) and Personal Learning Plan (PLP).

The children in the ASC provision receive targeted work that meets their needs and is supported by visits from external agencies as required. Specialist programmes are delivered by the staff following advice given by the Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapists (where necessary) and Occupational Therapists. Children receive support in light of needs also identified in their Education, Health Care Plan and receive targeted work through Personalised Learning Plans.

Additional professional expertise is sought from agencies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and educational welfare as appropriate.

Key Stage 1 and 2 Language Resource Provision 
Teacher – Mrs A Moody
Teacher - Miss E Wright 
Teaching Assistant – Miss C Harrison; Mrs C Ayres- Roberts; Mrs G. Royle 

ASC Provision
Teacher – Mrs M Davies
Teaching Assistant – Mrs N Pratt; Miss R Blackaby; Mrs K Abdallah

Please call into the office or contact school on 0161 921 2670, if you would like to speak with any of our SENCO's to discuss your child.  

SENCO Year Group 
Mrs M Davies  ASC resource, EYFS & KS1  
Mrs E Rudden Language Resource Provision & KS2


Our Specialist Provision has all four key functions at its heart but with particular emphasis on Achieving Highest Standards, Delivering 21st Century Learning and Bridging Gaps.

The staff plan carefully for the development of language in Literacy and Numeracy within the provision. As River View is an inclusive school, Language Resource children will also explore units of work in line with the mainstream curriculum both in their own setting and by giving them the opportunity to integrate into the mainstream classes for some units of work. Children are supported at all times and have carefully planned activities to meet their needs. Language Resource and Mainstream staff work closely to ensure the curriculum is accessible for all. Children in the ASC Provision integrate into some mainstream sessions, where appropriate, supported by members of the specialist team.


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