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Visual Calculation

For more information on each section of the Visual Calculation policy please view the downloads on the left-hand side of the page.

Introduction & Vocabulary

This section of our calculation policy explains the key concepts and the mathematical vocabulary that we use in school. Please encourage your children to use this language at home. Before answering any calculations we encourage the children to ask themselves 3 questions

  1. Can I do it in my head?
  2. Do I need to do a Jotting?
  3. Should I use a formal method?

When helping your child with homework, encourage them to explain what they are doing and "say what you see". This will help them develop their reasoning skills. The small pink number in the top left corner indicates the year group that will be using each strategy.


Children at River View count daily. This might be using numbers, fractions, time, percentages, or even decimals. You can help your child count by playing games - dice, dominoes, counting in 1/4's on the way to school. The only rule we have for counting is, if you count up you must count back.


The addition policy encourages children to develop their understanding of addition by using counters, number lines, hundred squares and addition grids. This ensures the children in year 6 can confidently use a written method where appropriate with confidence and understanding.

Mental Addition

We use the acronymn RAPA CODA NUMBO to help remember the different mental addition strategies available.

RAPA CODA NUMBO stands for Round and Adjust Patition Count On Double and Adjust Number Bonds. We encourage the children to always check first if they can solve a calculation using a mental strategy.

Subtraction & Mental Subtraction

Subtraction can be a tricky concept for the children to understand, as sometimes we count back and sometimes we count on. To help the children we aim to develop a good understanding of the term "difference".


Our multiplication policy aims to ensure that children use mental methods where appropriate but for calculations that they can't do in their heads they use an efficient written method with confidence.

Mental Multiplication

The mental multiplication policy encourages the children to confidently answer calculations in their head and make links to addition strategies such as partitioning and rounding and adjusting.


Our aim is that children use mental methods where appropriate but for calculations that they cannot do intheir heads they use efficient written method with confidence. To help the children divide successfully they must have a good understanding of the vocabulary of division.

Calculation Cards

The calculation cards show you how the children can use a variety of resources to solve a calculation. We encourage the use of models and images to support the children in their learning at school and at home. 

Multiplication Tables

To help your child develop their mulitplication skills they need to have a bank of mulitplication tables facts at their disposal which which can be recalled instantly. Progression for mulitplication tables facts:

Y2 - 2x table 5x table 10x table

Y3 - 3x table 4x table 8x table

Y4 - 6x table 7x table 9x table 11x table 12x table

Expanded Edition Progression

This policy shows the progression of addition, subtraction, mental subtraction, multiplication, division, mental addition, mental multiplication and mental division by year group.


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