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Pupil Voice

A pupil at River View Primary School

At River View, our pupils matter. We encourage children to share their views and ideas in a variety of ways. We believe that they best understand the ways in which they learn and should be at the centre of school improvement and community development. Listening to the voices of the pupils raises children’s self esteem, develops their leadership skills and helps them value learning (both in school and beyond).

Dear Children,

We would like you to share your views on River View on this noticeboard. We want to invite you to make suggestions about how to make school and life in the local community even better. We would like to know about the things you do well, how you know that you have done well and the ways that you would like to be helped to improve.

We would also like to ask you for ideas about ways to help others improve - including the teachers, the governors and your peers (other pupils you spend your time with). This is a great way for you to tell us about River View in your own words!

Thank you.

Ben again, get it?
I am so lucky to have - well I don't know - every teacher, especially Mrs Darby and Miss Stone. And Mr Gauld and Miss Kinch, of course.
1st December 2016
Oh yeah I almost forgot, I hope next year, a very catable, trustworthy and responsible person will take over as Head Boy and do a very fine job. Anyway, I will do well in my SATs.
1st December 2016
I know it will be really tough in Y6 so, I will let everything out of my system. What I mean is that I wildly my very best -not only in work but my attitude.
1st December 2016
I am really happy to be chosen to be Head Boy and I am even more happy because I am the first in River View! I thank all of the teachers that chose me. I will do a very good job.
1st December 2016
Lucy Y6
I really want to get the reading rabbit. So cute😍
24th November 2016
it so awsome to have a pet rabbit in school it makes me want to read even more
14th November 2016
Miss Kinch
I am really pleased to read that Raky is so excited to come back after the holidays. I know I am looking forward to seeing you all too! I hope you have all enjoyed your break.
30th October 2016
raky camara
I'm ready to come back with fire after term i'm ready
22nd October 2016
i just want to say thank you to all staff in river view office teacher lunch lady's headteachers you are all amazing thank you so much
20th October 2016
Mohammed AlbionAcademy
I miss River View badly. How is everyone doing? Good luck year 6s with your SATs! :)
16th October 2016
Kawther.M Yr 4 Ch
Realy missing year 3 but looking forward to year 4. I like my new teacher soooooo much but I also miss my old teacher soooooo much.
: )happy but also : (sad
14th October 2016
raky camara
year 5 is tough but year 6 will be tougher but i'm glad to have 2 teachers that are dedicated to their job # year 5 enquire teachers
12th October 2016

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