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Pupil Voice

A pupil at River View Primary School

At River View, our pupils matter. We encourage children to share their views and ideas in a variety of ways. We believe that they best understand the ways in which they learn and should be at the centre of school improvement and community development. Listening to the voices of the pupils raises children’s self esteem, develops their leadership skills and helps them value learning (both in school and beyond).

Dear Children,

We would like you to share your views on River View on this noticeboard. We want to invite you to make suggestions about how to make school and life in the local community even better. We would like to know about the things you do well, how you know that you have done well and the ways that you would like to be helped to improve.

We would also like to ask you for ideas about ways to help others improve - including the teachers, the governors and your peers (other pupils you spend your time with). This is a great way for you to tell us about River View in your own words!

Thank you.

me and fillip (me and fillip go to the same highschool) are doing alright at are new school. We have fitted in very well and have made loads of progress.
30th September 2016
Jahmis mambianga
Honestly, friends and teachers are the ones that i will miss the most and the deputey and headteacher
29th September 2016
Olivia lily Jones
I love my teachers miss bodies and Mrs batty
11th September 2016
Mohammed Kadhim
I feel sad about leaving River View. I almost feel like shouting to world how impressive River View is. I don't care about what the government say about River View, it is the
23rd July 2016
Going to high school now!!!!!!
But i'll really miss the teachers especially Mrs Doyle!!!
20th July 2016
siraj hussein
This is really sad.It's the end!I just want to say a massive, well more thank you to all the year 6 teachers.What they have done for us is crazy.
19th July 2016
Acacia Y5
I can't believe it! Soon some of us (including me) will be going into Year 6 in September! I'm so excited yay!!
18th July 2016
Tebogo Ncube
I am goinging to miss year 4 challenge teacher Miss Daverport.Looking forward to year 5 Enquire.
15th July 2016
Lewis Hough Y4C2
I'm so glad we met our new teachers today!
15th July 2016
Ellie Harte
Loving it 😎😎😛😛😛😏😁💖💖💖💖😻✌✌✌✌✌✌👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌
7th July 2016
Jemima yr5
I can not wait until it's the community fair
2nd July 2016
Ellie Harte
Well done year 6 going high school in september
2nd July 2016

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