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Attendance & Punctuality

A pupil reading a book at River View Primary School

At River View, we are keen to make sure your children are in school everyday and on time.

Our annual target for attendance is 96% and it is important to be in school on time. Current attendance figures are showing that overall attendance is now 96.4%.

Children have received gold, silver and bronze badges for their attendance. They receive a certificate and a badge presented to them in celebration assembly at the end of half term. The children can wear their badges as part of their uniform so that all the staff know what the child's attendance is.

Please use this table to help you work out your child's attendance or come to the school office where we can discuss your child's attendance with you. Thank you.

Badges Percentage attendance
Gold 100%
Silver 98% - 99%
Bronze 96% - 97%
Days Off Days in School Attendance
0 day 72 days  100%
1/2 day 71.5 days  99.2%
1 day 71 days  98.5%
1 1/2 days 70.5 days   97.8%
2 days 70 days  97%
2 1\2 days 69.5 days  96.3%

We are now focusing on children's punctuality. Children need to be in school at the beginning of the school day to ensure that they are ready for learning. This is the most important element of their school routine to make sure they do not miss the beginning of their lessons and feel confident in the classroom. Children arriving after 8:50 MUST come into school via the main reception. Children are marked in the registers as late if they arrive after 9:00am.

If a child is late they must report to the desk in the entrance hall and sign in using the Inventry system at the office. 


Improving links with school

We know that letters home are not always the most reliable way of sending you information and that is why we have decided to implement a text messaging and e-mail service.

This will enable you to receive all your information from school quickly and reliably. We can send letters by email to your inbox and short messages directly to your mobile phone as a text message. Just fill in the fields below and submit.

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