Delivering 21st Century Learning

We live in the 21st Century. Preparing children for their lifelong learning journey is central to teaching and learning and we aim to support our learners through a creative, flexible and innovative curriculum which encourages both collaborative working and independent thinkers. The use of  technology is central to our working to prepare children for the world in which we live.

Achieving Highest Standards

River View Primary School is committed to achieving the highest standards. Expectations for children’s success are high and this extends to children’s behaviour, attendance, attitudes and support they receive from both home and school. We ensure, through the curriculum, that children receive the highest level of teaching and that they are motivated to learn. We are an inclusive school that is committed to ensuring success, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or physical ability.

Engaging the Whole Community

River View supports the work of community groups and understands the way that they can provide extra support for the life of the school and the community it serves. We actively encourage partnership working that allows children and their families to learn together. River View is at the heart of the local community and we are committed to sustaining partnerships within the local community.

Bridging the Gaps

At River View Primary School all staff work hard to ensure that the children in their care achieve their full potential and access all areas of the curriculum to be successful learners. Staff are aware of the needs of the children and provide additional support and intervention activities to ensure children make expected progress. When children find something difficult, staff plan and deliver activities that will help them to understand and move their learning forward.

Bulletin Board

Have a lovely Easter holiday. Children are to return back to school on Monday 20th April.

School news, letters and leaflets are on the school mailing page. Please have a read through the letter for this terms reading reward and other key dates.

Salford community leisure are running a programme of sports over the easter holidays, details are available under community groups or click here to view.

Teacher vacancy required for Sept 2015 click here to view