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Who are the governors at River View?

Name of Governor Governor Role
Mr M Thorpe Chair of Governors and LA Governor
Ms G Evans Vice Chair of Governors
Mr D Gauld Headteacher
Miss J Formosa Staff Governor
Mrs L Urban Parent Governor
Mrs L Gregory  Associate Member
Mr R Stephenson Co-Opted Governor
Miss D Kent Parent Governor

Register of personal, pecuniary or business interests

All the governors and associate members of River View Primary School listed above have signed the Register of personal, pecuniary or business interests.

Register of Pecuniary and Business Interests
Name  Term of office  Governor Type Specific roles on the GB  Committee Membership Signed the register Details of any conflicting interest

Governor at another school 

Mr Daniel Gauld 

From: Oct 2015

To: Sept 2021

Staff Headteacher  Governing Board

Standing Committees (with the exception of the staffing committees)

Finance Committee 

 Yes None Yes 
Mrs Glynis Evans From: Oct 2015

To: Oct 2023



 Vice Chair of Governors 

Safeguarding Governor

Governing Board 

Standing Committees

 Yes  None No
Mr Mike Thorpe 

From: Jul 2016

To: Jul 2024

Community  Chair of Governors 

Governing Board 

Standing Committees

Finance Committee

 Yes   None No
Mrs Linda Gregory 

From: Jun 2016

To: Jun 2024

Associate Member   

Governing Board 

Finance Committee - No voting rights

 Yes   None No
Miss J Formosa

From: Sept 2017

To: Sept 2021


Governing Board 

Standing Committees

Finance Committee

Yes  None  No
Mr Robert Stephenson

From: May 2018

To: May 2022 


Governing Board

Standing Committees

Finance Committee 

 Yes  None No
Mrs Luca Urban


Mar 2020


Mar 2024


Governing Board

Standing Committees

 Yes  None No

Miss Deborah Kent



Dec 2020


Dec 2024 


Governing Board


This is a declaration of any personal or business interest they or any relative or person closely connected with them, have with businesses or other organisations that may have dealings with the school. This could for example include owning or having a relative work for a business that had dealings with school; having a relative working in or for school or being a governor of another school.

If any interest a governor has could be seen to cause a conflict of interest they would be asked to withdraw from any decision making concerned. This is to ensure that our governors can always be seen to be putting the interest of the school first.

If there is a potential conflict it is shown in the Register document. This document also shows the category of governor each person is, any specific role on the governing board and the committees they are members of.

More information about the requirements to complete and sign the Register of personal, pecuniary or business interests can be found on Salford City Council’s Governor Services web pages where you will also find the links to all the other local authority’s (LA) governing bodies’ personal, pecuniary or business interests registers. 

Categories of Governors

The different categories of governors on our governing board are:

  • parent governors who have a child in school at the time of their election, and are elected by the parents with children at the school; 
  • staff governors who are members of staff at the school and are elected by their colleagues;
  • co-opted governors are appointed on to the governing board by the other members because they come from a specialist group, such as the business community or because they possess a particular skill which can contribute to the effective governance and success of the school;
  • local authority(LA) governors who are nominated by the local councillor and appointed by the governing board;
  • the Headteacher (HT) is also a member of the governing board by right of the position they hold in the school;
  • associate members are not actually governors but can be appointed to serve on committees and attend meetings of the full governing board. They do not have the right to vote at meetings of the full governing board but may been given voting rightson the committees that they are a member of, but these rights can only be given by the governing board.

Attendance and Governing Board meetings 2019/2020


Autumn 1 

Governing board 

Autumn 2

Governing board 

Spring 3

Governing board

Finance Committee Meeting 2 

Spring 4

Governing board

Summer 5

Cancelled due to lockdown

Summer 6

Governing board




04 Oct 2019 06 Dec 2019 31 Jan 2020 11 Nov 2019 20 Mar 2020   10 Jul 2020
Mrs Kanayo Adesugba Parent governor Y Y Y   Y    
Ms Glynis Evans Co-opted governor


Y Y   Y   Y
Ms Joanne Formosa Staff governor Y Y Y Y Y   Y
Mr Daniel Gauld Headteacher Y Y Y Y Y   Y
Mrs Linda Gregory Associate Member       Y      
Mr Nikolaos Meretakis Associate Member Y Y N    Y    
Mr Robert Stephenson Co-opted governor N N Y N Y   Y
Mr Ian Thompson Parent Governor       Y    Y   N
Mr Mike Thorpe Local Authority Governor Y N Y Y Y   Y

Mrs Luca Urban

Parent governor         Y   Y

 Attendance and Governing Board meetings 2018/2019

Governor Governor Type  05.10.18 07.12.18 01.02.2019 29.03.2019 17.05.2019 12.07.2019
Mrs K Adesugba Parent  Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs G Evans  Co-Opted  Y Y Y Y Y N
Ms J Formosa  Staff Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mr D Gauld Headteacher  Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs L Gregory  Associate Member  Not required to attend Not required to attend Not required to attend Not required to attend Not required to attend Not required to attend
Mr N Meretakis  Parent  Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mr R Stephenson  Co-Opted  Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mr M Thorpe  Authority  Y Y Y Y Y Y

Attendance and Governing Board meetings 2017/2018

    FGB(1) FGB(2) FGB(1) FGB(2) FGB(1) FGB(2)
Governor  Governor type  06.10.17 08.12.17 02.02.18 23.03.18 18.05.18 13.07.18
K Adesugba  Parent  NS Y N Y Y Y
M Bonner  Co-Opted Y Y        
G Evans  Co-Opted  Y Y Y Y Y Y
J Formosa  Staff  Y Y Y Y Y Y
D Gauld  Headteacher  N Y Y Y Y Y
L Gregory  Associate Member  Y Not required to attend Not required to attend Not required to attend Not required to attend Not required to attend
N Meretakis  Parent  Y Y Y Y Y
R Stephenson Co-Opted          Y Y
M Thorpe  Authority  Y Y Y Y Y

Attendance and Governor Finance Committee meetings 2016/2017

 Governor   24.11.16   16.03.17  26.06.17  13.11.2017 05.03.2018 25.06.2018
 Mr M Thorpe  Apologies accepted  Attended  Attended Apologies Accepted  Apologies Accepted Apologies Accepted
 Mr N Meretakis  Attended  Attended  Attended Attended  Attended  Attended 
 Miss J Kinch  Attended  Attended  Attended      
Ms J Formosa        Attended Attended Attended 
 Mr D Gauld   Attended  Attended  Attended Attended  Attended  Attended 
 Mrs L Gregory   Attended  Attended  Attended Attended  Attended  Attended 

 The different committees our governing board has are:

  • Governing Board
    •  Members as above
  • Finance Committee:
    • Mr M Thorpe
    • Mr D Gauld 
    • Mrs L Gregory (Associate member - School Business Manager) 
    • Ms J Formosa
    • Mr R Stephenson

The standing committees are as follows:

  • Head Teacher Appraisal
  • Parental Complaints
  • Staff Discipline
  • Pupil Discipline
  • Staffing appeals

The standing committees are convened as required and are formed with members of the Governing Board.

The Governing Board meets monthly to receive information about school. Contact with members of the Governing Board  should be made through the school office. Thank you.


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